Achterhoek Ancestors


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Emigrants List of all emigrants in the database, mostly from Aalten, Bredevoort, Dinxperlo and Winterswijk.  
2. Emigrants from Aalten Emigrants who left the Dutch village of Aalten. 
3. Emigrants from Bredevoort List of emigrants who left from Bredevoort in Gelderland. 
4. Emigrants from Dinxperlo List of emigrants who left from Dinxperlo in Gelderland. 
5. Emigrants from Winterswijk List of emigrants who left from Winterswijk. 
6. Dutch immigrants in Clymer Dutch immigrants that settled in Clymer, NY. These mainly came from the Achterhoek area in the Netherlands. 
7. Dutch immigrants in Holland, MI Dutch immigrants settling in Holland, Michigan. 
8. Dutch immigrants in Pella Dutch immigrants that settled in Pella, Iowa. 
9. Dutch immigrants in Sheboygan Dutch immigrants that settled in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. 
10. Dutch immigrants in Alto, Wisconsin Dutch immigrants that settled in Alto, Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin. 
11. Dutch immigrants in Waupun, Wisconsin Dutch immigrants that settled in Waupun, Wisconsin. 
12. Dutch immigrants in Greenleafton, MN Dutch immigrants that settled in Greenleafton, York county, Minnesota. 
13. Dutch immigrants in Lancaster county, Nebraska Dutch immigrants that settled in Lancaster County, Nebraska. 
14. Dutch immigrants in South Dakota Dutch immigrants that settled in South Dakota 
15. Dutch immigrants in Norton county, Kansas Dutch immigrants that settled in Norton county, Kansas 
16. Dutch emigrants in Muscatine List of all the emigrants who settled in Muscatine, Iowa. 

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